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Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield® | Visalia, CA
Nissan Safety | Visalia, CA
Safety technology has come a long way in the past few years and Nissan leads the charge with its numerous improvements. For example, the Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield® is an all-encompassing suite of features that utilizes the technology being developed for self-driving cars in a way to protect lives with drivers still behind the wheel.  Each piece of the overall system works hard to prevent collisions or lessen the effects of the ones that do occur. Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield® technologies are divided into three categories: Monitor, Respond, and Protect.


These safety technologies watch what’s going on around a Nissan vehicle to help keep drivers informed. Two of the most prominent monitoring technologies in the Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield® suite are Predictive Forward Collision Warning1 and Automatic Emergency Braking. 2 The Predictive Forward Collision Warning system monitors two cars ahead in order to detect when they decelerate. When they do, the system alerts drivers both visually and audibly in order to maximize response time. If a collision is unavoidable, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) provides additional audible and visual alerts. AEB can even hit the brakes to help reduce the severity of a collision if the driver fails to act in time.


Technologies in the Respond category are designed to react to a specific situation and help drivers avoid harm. Hitting the brakes or swerving to avoid an accident could result in a loss of control, but these technologies help to prevent that. For example, Vehicle Dynamic Control aims to help drivers continue along their steered path.3 When needed, the Traction Control System reduces wheelspin to maximize traction. Adapative Headlights turn on automatically when darkness approaches, like during night and when dark clouds fill the sky, so that drivers can still see the road ahead.


Some accidents are unavoidable and Nissan comes prepared with the Protect technologies. The Nissan Advanced Air Bag System4 features dual-stage air bags that adjust their inflation level according to the severity of the collision to protect riders. Active Head restraints also move in to reduce whiplash in rear-end collisions.

Nissan aims to design vehicles for families and that makes kids a top priority. That’s why the automaker took the time and energy to develop the Snug Kids® Child Safety Seat Fit Guide. The guide features child seats that easily fit into the rear seat.

See everything Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield® has to offer today at Nissan of Visalia!

1 PFCW is intended to warn you before a collision occurs; it cannot prevent a collision. Speed & other limitations apply. See owner’s manual for details.
2 AEB cannot prevent accidents due to carelessness or dangerous driving techniques. It may not provide warning or braking in certain conditions. Speed limitations apply.
3 VDC, which should remain on when driving except when freeing the vehicle from mud or snow, cannot prevent accidents due to abrupt steering, carelessness, or dangerous driving techniques.
4 Air bags are only a supplemental restraint system; always wear your seat belt. Even with the occupant-classification sensor, rear-facing child restraints should not be placed in the front-passenger’s seat. All children 12 and under should ride in the rear seat properly secured in child restraints, booster seats, or seat belts according to their size. Air bags will only inflate in certain accidents; see your owner’s manual for more details.
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